I have a lot of homework

Im having trouble with my internet, im sorry

Feeling like shit, as aways.

Check out my birthdays page

I know you're feeling a bit low right now and if you don't want to talk about it, I can distract you with some funny stories about me. One involves me sneezing and getting a black eye ;)-S

What u sneezed and got a black eye? Omg yes please.

I'm a supernatural fan too, that show is just filled with angst and deep voices. :) how would you get your hair cut?-S

Yeah its amazing im in love. And about the haircut i dont know i want a change i would like to have it short, like ahoulders short but im not sure about it.

nooooo, you can't hate yourself, you are fabulous xxxxxx

Na, im not fabulous, trust me. (:

Hey love, just me again. How's your day going? And to mix things up a little, tell me 5 random facts about you(if you want to)-S

Hello s, im good but i just feel a little sad bc im dumb, and 5 facts about myself hmm lets see:

1. Im left handed
2. My birthday is on 2 days
3. Im sad bc i logged off netflix and i cant continue watching spn
4. I miss my town
5. I would really like to get a haircut.

Im so fucking stupid i hate myself so much oh my god.

October 20  ♥  1 note

I hate myself

I hate myself so much i should die


Ive noticed that i have these moments in which i feel happy and joyfull and with energy, but those feelings dont last long, like i feel confident and pretty during 2 days for example, and after those 2 days i start feeling crappy, shitty, idiot, dumb, ugly again, and this time the feelings are stronger and i cant handle my own emotions and that is the moment i loose my shit, and my mental balance breaks and i cry out the water of my body and with just a little mistake, like very little i feel like crap and the suicide thoughts/feelings haunt me down till i cant feel anything, and then i feel “fine” a couple days untill it happens all over again.


gaskartn ♥


Haha, bless

What tumblr user do you have a (tumblr) crush on

Omg ily

Jensen “Hips Don’t Lie” Ackles


Hold On Till May - Pierce The Veil ft. Jenna Mcdougall

are you ready for another bad poem?