Pete in the Billionaire Video

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modernbasketball yeezussavedme is available though

modernbasketball I tried that omg its taken

!!! yall !!!

should I change my url to yeezysaved how dumb is that I really need a kanye url

i don’t give a damn if you used to talk to jay z he aint with you he with beyonce you need to stop actin lazy she instagram herself like bad bitch alert he instagram his watch like mad rich alert

anyways. Nickis verse in monster.

(some of) Electra Heart in snaps

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TMI Tuesday, ask me inappropriate, personal, sexual, awkward questions. I’ll answer anything you’re curious about.

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wanna take naps naked with you


Saint Laurent Paris


Saint Laurent Paris

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i want to change my twitter @ from ahomegirlslife to yeezysaves should I y/n